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This section will help you installing and being ready to use Capy on your computer, which is necessary before using it.

Use in a new project

First step is to install the zigmod package manager.


All you have to do is to go to the zig-template repository and click the green 'Use this template' button and then create your repository as you would usually do on GitHub.

Once done, go in the repository folder and execute

zigmod fetch

Other git hosting provider

Otherwise, if you wish to use any other git hosting provider (such as sourcehut) you can execute the following commands in a newly created repository:

unzip && rm
mv zig-template-main/* . && rm -r zig-template-main
zigmod fetch

Use in an existing project

Before proceeding, you must first install the zigmod package manager. Then, in the folder of your project, you can execute the following commands:

zigmod init

In your build.zig, add:

diff --git a/usr/bin/ziglang/lib/zig/init-exe/build.zig b/build.zig
index 29b50b5..ccbb74b 100644
--- a/usr/bin/ziglang/lib/zig/init-exe/build.zig
+++ b/build.zig
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
const std = @import("std");
+const deps = @import("deps.zig");

-pub fn build(b: * void {
+pub fn build(b: * !void {
// Standard target options allows the person running `zig build` to choose
// what target to build for. Here we do not override the defaults, which
// means any target is allowed, and the default is native. Other options
@@ -11,7 +12,9 @@ pub fn build(b: * void {
// between Debug, ReleaseSafe, ReleaseFast, and ReleaseSmall.
const mode = b.standardReleaseOptions();

- const exe = b.addExecutable("$", "src/main.zig");
+ const exe = b.addExecutable("capy-template", "src/main.zig");
+ try deps.imports.capy.install(exe, .{});

And in your zigmod.yml file, add:

diff --git a/default_zigmod.yml b/zigmod.yml
index e39f6f1..4774adb 100644
--- a/default_zigmod.yml
+++ b/zigmod.yml
@@ -2,4 +2,6 @@ id: Random ID
name: Your app name
license: Your license
description: A description.
+ - src: git

Ensure that zigmod package manager is installed. Then you can execute the following commands:

zigmod fetch